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Thursday, March 15, 2012

In my last post I included a few photos of the girls in the early months. In this post I will include a few photos of them just after they were born. Very tiny, but healthy - so we were blessed!

We finally bought the mechanical swings for the girls. How did we EVER go without them? They are AMAZING and the girls love them! So worth any amount of money.

Other than that, they are both rolling over now and that has been it's own adventure. In fact last night Isabelle kept rolling over onto her tummy and would wake up every half hour or so screaming because she hates being on her tummy. Go figure! Not sure how to handle this one.

We are still trying to get them on a regular sleep schedule, which was going well until Daylight Savings. Daft! Isabelle will sleep through most of the night, but Madelyn still wakes up at 12 - 1 and wants food. Guessing they are going through another growth spurt as they are both drinking about 11-12 oz of formula in 4 hours. Ugh!

Would love to know how others are tackling getting your kids to sleep through the night???

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