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Saturday, March 17, 2012


Did you know that the Walmart brand Peoples Choice Advanced baby food is the same as Similac? They also carry one like Enfamil as well.

The good get twice as much for half the price. My OB told me about it and we have been giving it to our girls. They are growing exceptionally well and not having any trouble with it at all.

Also, if you log onto their website and request a sample they will then send you coupons in the mail worth $9.00 off any size of formula. Now, that is a great deal!


Jessica Anne said...

I'm not sure how similar it is to the Target brand but our girls could not handle it at all. They were projectile vomiting so we switched back to the Similac and they were fine. Do you know how the Target brand compares to the Walmart brand??

TwinMom said...

I've actually never used the Target brand. We've only used Similac and the Walmart Parents Choice Advanced brand. We've never had any issues with it.

But, I know each child is different. I'm quite happy with it, maybe buy a small one or just order a free sample from their website???