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Friday, March 16, 2012

How many of you have twins/multiples already or are pregnant with them?

If so, please share your story...........


dihicks6 said...

Hi! I'm not the Mom of twins, but I'm Mema and I care for the IVF twins of my son and DIL while they work. They were born 11/15/11, b/g fraternal twins and their names are Deklin and Delaney. As far as sleeping goes, they are both sleeping through the night and what works for Delaney is being swaddled tight and feeding just before bedtime. Deklin also likes to be swaddled but the room must be dark and quiet, whereas Delaney could care less, LOL! Mom is using the Fisher Price Newborn Rocker/Sleeper right now for bed. It isn't a mechanical rocker, just rocks if/when they move. They love them. She says she is going to try and transition them to the crib soon. Our big objective lately has been tummy time! Delaney hates it but she is 14 lbs. and has a bigger head than her brother, so it will take more practice for her! Deklin is 12 lbs. and can roll over. He never stops moving -- even in his bouncy seat. Have to keep an eye on that boy! Okay, don't want to ramble on forever, but thought I'd contribute re bedtime. Have you tried baths before bed? It works for some babies, but some babies find it too stimulating before bedtime. Hope it gets better soon!

TwinMom said...

Thank you and great to hear your experience. We started using the Johnsons Bedtime lotion and wash, it does seem to work. We have also changed how we put them to bed and now they are awake when we put them down (but drowzy). We then will allow them to cry for 5 minutes before comforting them (but not picking them up) and tucking them in again. The next time we wait 10 minutes and so on. The first night we got up to 15 minutes before they fell asleep. The second night it took 15 minutes all together and last night it took 10 minutes. So, it's finally getting better!

They have been doing tummy time for around 2.5 months now at least and both can hold their heads quite well and are almost set to crawl. They can both roll over now and have began to try and say "hello."

They have been in a twin bassinet in our room since birth, but we are now going to move them into their nursery and crib soon. But, I think we will keep them in the same crib for a while still as they gain comfort from each other.

Now if they would just eat solid food better! They want it and cry for it when we eat, but it's more of a texture thing. They will get about 3 spoon fulls down and then they get upset.

Any ideas?

Jessica Anne said...

My fraternal twin girls were born on Oct. 6th 2011. They are the light of my life!

TwinMom said...

Such like cuties and talk about lots of hair! Mine were born on Nov. 7th and they barely have thicher peach fuzz.

Love your comments on what people say and ask. SO TRUE!

I love it when you go somewhere and people burst out look with, "look they have two or look they have twins."

We also get the question of are they a boy and a girl all the time. The other weekend we took them into Walmart with Isabelle wearing a pink hoodie with a pink bunny on it and Madelyn wearing a light yellow hoodies with a large pink bear on it. Mind you they were both wearing pink bear hats with ears...hello??? Who dresses a boy like that?

Anyway, it gets kind of funny really.

Glad to have another mother that knows what I am talking about!